Yoga, Writing & BBQ Addendum

Any MFA faculty and WCSU writing students are also welcome. I am looking for writers that are open to being experimented on for my Enrichment Project. I promise that no Kool Aid will be served.

And you manly men: You will NOT be required to wear Lululemon yoga pants.

If you have any questions, please post them here or send me an email at I appreciate all of you who are willing to be lab rats for my project.

Just to make this clear: I live in Stamford, Connecticut. Hope to hear from you soon.

Jeannette Ronson


About PB College Essay Tutor

Masters of Fine Arts in Creative & Professional Writing. Evaluated as Highly Effective by the Martin County School District 2017. Over 10 years teaching college and high school writing and literature in Connecticut and Florida. Certified English and Social Studies teacher.
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2 Responses to Yoga, Writing & BBQ Addendum

  1. brianthiem says:


    What if we want to wear Lululemon yoga pants (whatever they are), will you provide them? You’re not going to serve grilled tofu and sprouts for the BBQ are you?

    I’ll be on a golf vacation during that time in June, but I will tenatively say yes to the one in May, although I have some family members graduating around that time and may have to attend graduations/graduation celebrations. I’ll let you know for sure via email later.

    For other manly men who are hesitant–don’t be. I did Jeanette’s yoga session at the last residency. The only downside was all the women in the class constantly checking us out. Maybe once we begin the writing, they’ll begin to see us for our minds.


  2. jhronson says:

    Brian, Brian, you’ve got to keep up with the important news. Lululemon had to recall thousands of their yoga pants because the fabric was too revealing. So, yes, I’ll get a pair for you if you come. And, no, I’m not grilling tofu and sprouts. I’m going to have very un-yoga-like slabs of meat and pitchers of alcoholic beverages. Hmm . . . maybe I’ll film the readings after everybody has had a few.

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