Boxing book signed

Hey everyone, hope all is well. Just wanted to pass along that I signed my second contract with the History Press today. The History of New Jersey Boxing is officially green lit. Easy sell when the first fight went 84 rounds and the guy died in the ring.

My first book, Mercy College: Yesterday and Today, came out on March 12.  For any non-fiction writers out there, History Press is one of the largest independent presses and is always looking for history with a regional tie in. I’ll send you some contact info if anyone is interested in pitching.

I was thinking of writing up Pace and Iona for  my next books with them, but working with a school on a project like this was torture. Best of luck to whoever wants to write WCSU’s version.

As for my fiction book…bleh. Anyway, keep writin’ and pitchin’

 – Perrota 

Mercy College: Yesterday and Today


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5 Responses to Boxing book signed

  1. Ron Samul says:

    Nice job Mike, your the man to write it. Congrats.

  2. brianthiem says:

    Congratulations, Mike. Two books…Awesome!

  3. Hey Mike, Way to go, man. aj

  4. Larissa Lytwyn says:

    Great news, Mike!

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