Poor Yorick WestConn MFA’s New Literary Journal

Dear MFA Community,
As you know from Brian’s announcement at the Winter Residency and on this blog, the MFA writing Program here at WCSU will be launching a new literary journal. The journal will feature poems, and works of fiction and creative nonfiction that have been inspired by museum collections and holdings, works of art, monuments, tombs, artifacts and other relics of the past. I learned earlier in the week that I will have the honor of serving as the inaugural editor of the journal. I am excited and grateful for the opportunity.

“Poor Yorick” has been chosen as the working title for the journal and we are in the early stages of forming the editorial staff for the journal. A number of you have already contacted Brian to express interest in helping with the journal and either myself or Brian will be in contact over the next few weeks (most likely after spring break) to schedule a meeting. I would also like to invite any others who are interested in helping with the journal to contact either me or Brian. Editorial positions will be filled by current students and will fulfill the program’s internship requirement.

The creation of “Poor Yorick” is exciting news for our program and I look forward to helping to launch a publication that we can all be proud of.
Erik Ofgang

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7 Responses to Poor Yorick WestConn MFA’s New Literary Journal

  1. jgroche says:

    Very cool!

  2. ctplan says:

    Congratulations on your editorship, Erik!

  3. jhronson says:

    Excellent! You’re going to be great! I let Brian know that I’m interested in helping, so contact me later.

  4. We need a skull. i nominate roche

  5. brianthiem says:

    Great choice! Congratulations, Erik.

  6. mageerik says:

    Thanks everyone! I”m excited to get the journal started.

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