Freelance Health/Fitness Writing Opportunity

To my pals at WestConn, faculty, mentors, and anyone who has access to Pope’s autographed Buns of Steel box set edition:
My Internship Project
5,000 print initial circulation (plus digital platform being released next week)alpha-mag-cover-q4-2012
Issue 1 complete
Issue 2 being edited
Health/fitness/nutrition/medical credentials not needed – just marginal writing skilz.

Contact me if interested (Joe):
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10 Responses to Freelance Health/Fitness Writing Opportunity

  1. janecleland says:

    Congratulations, Joe. I’m so impressed!

  2. Thanks, Jane! I have you slotted for “Essential Antioxidants for Creativity and World Domination.” Editorial due date March 15; 1000-1,200 words.

  3. ctplan says:

    Congratulations — quite an internship!

  4. Thanks. I was able to bring in a former managing editor who I wrote for – he managed a publishing company in NYC that put out five different health magazines – and the creative designer I have worked with for over fifteen years. Even though it’s retained as my company’s publication, as two of our four magazine staff members, both are interning me quite nicely and they don’t even make me wear a blue dress.

  5. janecleland says:

    I like your title writing, Joe. But I think your focus is a bit broad. How about: “Essential Antioxidants for Creativity: Dominate Your Genre”?

  6. Either that was a really funny comeback, Jane, or you thought I was serious and I need to withdraw my application from Comedy Central. But, I’m glad you brought up the intent of my post.

    If any of my fellow classmates want a pub credit, this could be a fun project. In niche periodical writing, I consider a standard article around 1,000 words. Derrick McCluskey published a great one on how physical training affects fear response and applied it to real-life stress. He has a second one submitted regarding work ethic and success…or maybe it was The 5 Best Ab Exercises for Strippers. We also need features, which can be 2,000 to 2,500 words. Think in terms of our five categories:
    Mindset (where Derrick has focused)

    To students: No hurry; we’re staying with a quarterly format and need a constant flow of content. If you do an informational piece, you just have to pull good research together and write well. If you have an area of expertise, all the better, but journalistic freelancers don’t always write about topics they know; they write about topics they want to know about. Have fun with it and we’ll put it in print.

  7. janecleland says:

    Oh, my…someone recognized my humor! Yay! Trust me… that’s not an everyday experience. I love this line: “…journalistic freelancers don’t always write about topics they know; they write about topics they want to know about.”

  8. brianthiem says:

    This is wonderful, Joe. Really awesome! I’m very much looking forward to Jane’s article.

  9. beccamayhem says:

    Awesome, Joe! What an ambitious internship project!

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