2013 Poetry Slam Pix!

Lisa - Poetry Slam GoddessJudges

Butch Morningside Trio


Brandy AlexanderOh yeah!

Phoning it in

And the Winner is...!

And the Winner is…!

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6 Responses to 2013 Poetry Slam Pix!

  1. dtgriffith says:

    Oh good, you left me out. The light beige fire exit and wall phone backdrops under fluorescent lighting lent to the mediocre existential mood. I was entranced.

  2. brianthiem says:

    Poetry Slam is a great spectator sport, so to those other non-poet students out there, don’t miss it next time. I propose a new “rule” for poetry slams. Maybe this only needs to be an MOU among judges. Although I think it’s wonderful that alumni or faculty participate, only current students should be permitted to win.

    Thanks to the judges for providing your half of the entertainment.


  3. I don’t agree. I think the faculty and alumni are just as talented as the students–it’s a level playing field. But I do get that the students should shine–OK, rig the judges. aj

  4. Larissa Lytwyn says:

    That was so much fun!!!!!!!! I am still talking about it.

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