The Fifteenth Station by E.K. Mortenson

From E.K.:

This past summer, my manuscript, “The Fifteenth Station,” won the Accents Publishing Chapbook Competition. As I was writing the poems in it, I decided that, should they ever be published, I would donate all profits–yes, I said ALL–to an organization that works with African women and children living with HIV/AIDS. So, upon winning the competition, and earning publication, I chose to work with the organization Partners In Health, particularly, their branch operating in Rwanda. Also, in a sublimely generous move, the publisher not only matched my proxe money, but has also agreed to donate 50% of website sales to the organization as well. Truth be told, this is also ALL the profits. As such, ALL PROFITS are being given where they are desperately needed. Moreover, I recently learned that EVERY SINGLE chapbook is sut and bound BY HAND! All for $5! Seriously.
I’ll have copies at the residency, of course, or, if you just can’t wait, order direct from the Accents site.
Better than just giving to a charity, you can give AND receive a beautiful book.

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One Response to The Fifteenth Station by E.K. Mortenson

  1. jnny1107 says:

    Congratulations! All this and philanthropic endeavors–that’s what it’s all about. I’ll definitely check it out.

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