A few words about Jane Gangi’s storytelling workshop…

Out of all of the workshops I have taken during the MFA residencies, this one sticks with me the most. Jane Gangi created a fun learning environment where we could explore storytelling and its oral tradition. I walked away from the workshop energized and full of stories.
–Alissa Kocer
Jane Gangi’s workshop on storytelling was incredible. She wowed us with her storytelling ability, and then she gave all the students a chance to swap stories and perform them in front of the class. Then we had to guess who other people were imitating. It was like the game Guess Who, but with funny childhood stories. The workshop was unique, and a lot of fun. I’d do it once a month if that was possible!
–Becca Simas


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Professor and Coordinator MFA in Creative and Professional Writing Western Connecticut State University
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One Response to A few words about Jane Gangi’s storytelling workshop…

  1. dtgriffith says:

    That workshop was great on a few levels – it allowed us to explore our creativity, our talents, and provided an interactive opportunity for everyone to get to know each other some more. And a lot of fun!

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