Peer Worskhops at the Rez

Hello All,

I know most of you are busy putting the starting finishing touches on those end of the semester assignments, so I will be brief.

There is time in the residency schedule–as always–set aside for attendees to get together and workshop. These workshops are self-organized, and offer you all the chance to work on a new project, talk shop, sharpen story ideas, etc. The possibilities are nearly infinite.

So, I’d like to encourage anyone interested to use this thread as a place to coordinate those get-togethers–especially if you’d like to propose something that requires pre-work.

Let’s Discuss.

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One Response to Peer Worskhops at the Rez

  1. brianthiem says:

    Becca Simas and I will host a Fiction Peer Workshop on Saturday, January 5, from 3:00-5:00 p.m. Every fiction writer has different needs, so this workshop will focus on what you need.

    You may want to bring something to read (about 3-5 pages) and request feedback from the group on aspects you’re concerned about, possibly whether the pace is too slow, if your dialog is authentic, or whether an allusion is clear. Or maybe you’re writing a novel and have painted yourself into corner with your plot and you need some ideas on how to get your characters (and story) out without having to repaint the entire house. Or maybe you find your story is stagnating somewhere between your brain and the keyboard and you can’t seem to get it moving.

    We’ll divide the available time by the number of participants to ensure everyone gets their time and we’ll review some guidelines for workshopping before we start. If you plan to read something, it is very helpful to bring copies of your material for others to follow along as you read.

    Brian Thiem

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