Registration Assignments Are Out

If you did not receive your registration sections and faculty mentors today, then I accidentally missed you–let me know. And register away!


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2 Responses to Registration Assignments Are Out

  1. nathancox1 says:

    I was sent a registration form in the mail, which I believe I must use as a new student. In addition to the course number that you sent me, the form requires a 3-digit department code and a “5-digit code #.” Can you tell me what I am supposed to enter in these spaces?

    Also, the form requires a student ID, which I do not yet have. Do you know if my registration will be processed if it is faxed without a student ID?

    Thanks for the info,

  2. brclements says:

    Good questions, Nathan. It didn’t occur to me that you new students wouldn’t be able to register online. I have posed your questions to Grad Studies and hope to hear back soon. My guess is that they will say you don’t need the code numbers (I don’t know them, either), and that you can just write in “MFA Writing”. Not sure about the IDs, though… Have any other of you who are new students in the spring received your ID# yet?

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