Sandy II: The Workshop

Don’t let a hurricane spoil the fun! Sandy Barron’s workshop is scheduled for tomorrow the 3rd, and we’re leaning towards the show going on… I know about 5 or 6 of you were interested already. Please let me know today whether or not you can come tomorrow. If there is anyone who can’t make it among those who expressed interest, we will postpone. There are seats available–all welcome! Stay tuned here for final announcement…


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6 Responses to Sandy II: The Workshop

  1. I want to come. I planned on attending. It’s just that I have this red Bull’s eye on my lower back and it hurts and it itches and I had trouble sleeping last night. It’s bigger today. I’m being tested for Lyme disease. I’m not sure what to do…I’m so bummed out right now. (Sorry to be a downer!)

    • brclements says:

      Yep, sounds like Lyme… my son had it. Good luck! Bombard it with antibiotics. Just ask Daniel Asa Rose…

      • jnny1107 says:

        Yeah, they already started me on antibiotics but I’m waiting to hear back. IT HURTS. And of course it has to be on my lower back. If it is, I think I picked it up from my 8-mile hike two weeks ago. My lower back was hurting for like a week and half and I couldn’t figure out why, and then I woke up yesterday morning with this RED CIRCLE.

    • brianthiem says:

      The good thing, Jenn, is that you didn’t ignore the red mark. If you catch it early, as it sounds like you did, it is easily treatable and fully curable. You must find a good (very good) friend to do a tick check on you after hiking.

  2. I’ll be there…it’ll be great to get more input…it’ll be fun to see familiar faces and hear voices strained with emotion and excited about the craft…it’ll be a great afternoon.
    A red spot might be lyme, it might be a sad spider bite that happened by accident, it might get better just by hanging with the gang.

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