Book Review for “Strangers on the Beach”

Hi Friends,

I just wanted to share the first book review that has come in for my Maine mystery, Strangers on the Beach. It comes from a Bangor-based weekly magazine. The reviewer comments on the extent to which I was able to use my real-life knowledge of Old Orchard Beach to compose the book’s setting. I thought you might find his observations interesting from a craft point- of-view.



Josh Pahigian

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3 Responses to Book Review for “Strangers on the Beach”

  1. jnny1107 says:

    Congratulations Josh! I’ll have to check out your book. I, too, am familiar with OOB, ME. Maine is such a beautiful place!

    • pahigian35 says:

      Thanks for checking it out, Jnny1107. I live just a few miles from OOB in the next town in-land. My wife and I were married a short walk from OOB on Pine Point Beach. That stretch of sand is one of my favorite places in the world, so setting a novel there was a pleasure for me as writer. best, Josh

  2. Well done, coach. Looking forward to reading it!

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