Artist Residency Opportunities at betterArts

Info from betterArts:

To Whom It May Concern:

I’m writing with information about an exciting artist residency program available to your Creative Writing students through betterArts, Inc.

betterArts, Inc., is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization seeking to provide an opportunity for creative exploration and growth to artists, writers, and musicians within the context of Better Farm’s dynamic environment.

Located 10 miles from Alexandria Bay and the Thousand Islands, Better Farm—a sustainabilityeducation center and artists’ retreat facility—is situated on 65 acres of property offering an unparalleled rural living experience. There are two lakes within walking distance; an on-site pond; vegetable, fruit, and herb gardens; shop space; various writing spaces; open-air sheds for pottery and painting; a multimedia room; and a practice space for musicians.

betterArts residencies run year-round in two-week, three-week, and month-long intervals. Artists are granted full 24/7 access to Better Farm’s 1,500 square-foot Art Barn to produce their work. Room and board, linens and towels, wireless Internet, on-site parking, movie nights, and field trips are included ina low stipend we require of all residents. The environment at Better Farm is simple and communal; people cook meals together, take on house and farm chores together, and collaborate on creative endeavors. And residents have the opportunity to create their own schedules, putting their personal projects forward as top priority and carving out true space and time for creating.

betterArts residents are asked to interact and participate in the goings-on around the property, such as helping with farming or assisting at farmers’ markets; participating in art-related community outreach projects; and helping with house chores, cooking, or assisting with other odd jobs. At the conclusion of his or her residency, each artist is asked to host a gallery opening, reading, or performance for the general public.

More information on Better Farm and the betterArts residency application are available at and  I thank you in advance for sharing thisinformation with interested members of your faculty and student body.


Noel Tague

Director of Outreach and Recruiting


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