Yoga and Relaxation at Residency

Folks, several of you have mentioned interest in doing some kind of yoga/relaxation sessions during the residency. One or two of you may have even mentioned this in association with your enrichment projects. I’d like to reserve some time on the January schedule for this type of thing, but I need to know from those of you who are likely to participate whether you would prefer to do it in the morning before workshops, during the middle of the day, during the dinner break, or after the evening readings (which doesn’t seem like an ideal time, but it’s an option). Please let me know here ASAP.


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2 Responses to Yoga and Relaxation at Residency

  1. jnny1107 says:

    I’m all for it! I think the middle of the day would be ideal–it would be a good energy booster. Especially towards the end of the week when we get REALLY tired! 🙂

  2. iv20 says:

    I agree with Jenn. Yoga in the middle of the day would seem to fit into the schedule best.

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