English Curse, a short film by Anne Marie Cannon

This is a project I produced in my writing in second genre class. Sonja Mongar was my mentor, she is an incredibly talented writer and teacher who has been producing and experimenting with cutting edge multimedia projects that focus on multimodal memoir.  With her guidance I was able to produce a great deal of work including an author’s website, a multimedia self portrait, an audio documentary from which I am producing a full length film documentary and this film…that’s a lot of friggin work when I think about it.

Anyway here is the short film I produced about Frank Turner (a punk rock/folk musician from the UK). He is also the perfect English gentleman who was extremely gracious when I approached him with this idea. It’s about his ancient sounding song English Curse:



About sixloosecannons

Writer, documentary film maker, traveler in search of the perfect angle.
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4 Responses to English Curse, a short film by Anne Marie Cannon

  1. Great work AM! Love it!!

  2. Anne Marie, I loved watching this film in our workshop. Glad you posted it!

  3. sonjamongar2 says:

    You did an awesome job with this project – well done!

  4. jgroche says:

    Interesting stuff. Nice work!

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