Agent/Editor Meetings

Folks, thus far only 4 people have signed up for agent/editor meetings (!?!). Deadline for signup is July 16. I have Angela, Kristin, Scott, and DeShea down. If you thought you asked for a meeting and you’re not listed here, please contact me by email.


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7 Responses to Agent/Editor Meetings

  1. Ron Samul says:

    I just thought I would mention how important and relevant this is too the writers who are looking to take their writing to the next level. We’ve had a number of students work with agents through these meetings… please don’t miss this opportunity.

  2. acwitkavitch says:

    Absolutely echo Ron’s comment above. This is as important as your studies in the program!

  3. dtgriffith says:

    I would do this but nowhere near ready. Still finishing first semester courses.

  4. acwitkavitch says:

    David, one thing you may think about is that because you’re doing a nonfiction book you can pitch it with a proposal. Would it make sense to put together a proposal and pitch? If anything for feedback about how to shape the manuscript? Not sure if it makes sense but it was a thought.

  5. I would say not just with the goal of finding an agent, but to get used to submitting your work in the format agents like and pitching your work in person, it’s well worth it. You’re in Danbury anyway, so even if none of the agents look like a good fit, just do it anyway. You have nothing to lose, and hey, you never know…

  6. dtgriffith says:

    Thanks Anne and William. I realize the opportunity for experience, but with all the flux in my life right now it’s purely bad timing. I will keep these opportunities on my radar, however, and take full advantage of them as I much as I can.

  7. I wasn’t talking specifically about you Dave. If you don’t have something to sell, I wouldn’t suggest going in and faking it. Just everyone in general who might be shying away. Four people is mad low, yo!

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