Maron Hotel Student Rate

Hey everyone!

My name is Ivette and I am new to the program. I just thought I should post the student rate for the Maron Hotel during Residency.

Standard Room:  $79 per night

Suite: $89 per night

I hope this helps and I am looking forward to meeting everyone!


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8 Responses to Maron Hotel Student Rate

  1. mperrota says:

    book through, it’s a few bucks cheaper.
    – mike

  2. Ivette, Welcome to the program. It’s the best in the world. Two things: If you book through the hotel and show them (show don’t tell) that you have a better offer they will match it. Also, the suites are useful for: a temporary roommate to offset costs, as an after hours party room, as a quiet place to meet with your ad hoc writers group.

    • iv20 says:

      Thank you, Andrew. I’m very excited about the program and to meet everyone. I reserved a standard room since I really have no use for a suite. Thank you very much for the booking advice. Also, what should I bring to Residency? Would a laptop and notebook/binder suffice?

      • beccamayhem says:

        Hi Ivette,

        I bring both my laptop and a notebook. A notebook to take notes during the workshops, and my laptop for internet as well as access to all of my writing if I want to read a story or a poem during one of the open mic events.

        Hope that helps! 🙂


  3. iv20 says:

    That’s right! I have to start gathering my works for open mic. Thank you very much, Becca! 🙂


  4. brianthiem says:

    I just made my reservations. The Maron quoted me the WestConn rate of $89 for a suite, but once I told them I saw $79 on, they matched it, as Andy said they would. I’ve learned that whenever I can book directly with the hotel rather than going through another site, there is less chance for a mix-up.

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