Important Info on Agent/Editor Meetings at Residency

Agents and (one) editor visiting us for the August residency will be Regina Brooks of Serendipity Literary, Joe Monti of Barry Goldblatt Literary, Gina Panettieri of Talcott Notch, and Mark Doten of Soho Press. You can easily find info on them by Googling the info above.

The agent/editor panel will be followed immediately by individual meetings. Each meeting will be roughly 15 minutes long. There will be 16 meeting slots (4 with each editor or agent). If you plan to request one of these meetings and you live in fairly close range of campus, I STRONGLY recommend that you attend Elizabeth Cohen’s pre-residency workshop.

Meetings will be assigned on this priority:

  1. 2011-2012 academic year graduates
  2. Other graduates of the program
  3. 2012-2013 academic year (scheduled) graduates
  4. Any other student
  5. If there are more requests than slots for a particular agent or editor within any one of the above categories, slots will be assigned on first-come basis.

TO REQUEST A MEETING: No later than July 16, email me your meeting request. I highly recommend that you rank your top 3 choices. Once I have made the meeting assignments, you will need to submit to me no later than July 25 IN A SINGLE WORD OR PDF FILE your cover letter and a 10-page sample, which I will forward to the agent/editor. Note that this deadline is the day after the Cohen workshop.


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