Meet Authors and Agents Easily

Last Thursday, Brian Thiem and I attended Jane K. Cleland’s book launch “Dolled Up for Murder” at LIM College in Manhattan. Jane was surrounded by her loyal fans while authors and agents worked the room. Brian and I got to meet author Annamaria Alfieri (“City of Silver”) who told us about her career; publishing her debut novel at 68 and just recently signing a two book deal at 71. We’ll never forget Annamaria’s openness, energy, and love of our craft. Want to meet agents and authors? Go to a book launch–it’s great fun.

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2 Responses to Meet Authors and Agents Easily

  1. I would have gone with you guys if the timing wasn't in conflict for me. I am always up for doing stuff like this. I used to make the gallery opening rounds in Manhattan when I was younger – lots of fun!

  2. Brian Thiem says:

    To echo what Andy said, it was a good time. It was especially refreshing for "older" beginning writers like Andy and me to see someone get her first book published at 68. There's hope for us.Brian

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