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“Thy Shiny Car in the Night” in LONG ISLAND NOIR

My story “Thy Shiny Car in the Night”, about Northport, Jack Kerouac, and Ricky Kasso appears in Long Island Noir, the latest in the already-venerable regional anthology series from Akashic Books. The book is just now hitting shelves and has … Continue reading

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MFA Graduate Assistantship

First of all, I want to thank Kristin Santa Maria for her most excellent work this year. She has been a great asset to the MFA office (see this blog, for example), and I know she has helped many of … Continue reading

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Published Alumna

  I have made it to the eBookshelves at last. Please give it a try. I will have coupons for a limited number of free copies through the iTunes bookstore once Apple sends my ePublisher the coupon codes, if anyone would … Continue reading

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Job Search Suggestion

Folks, if you’re looking for a job (especially post-graduation), I suggest doing a google search on “technial writing in CT”. I’m seeing a lot of jobs there. Some require experience, some not. One of the links is to a site … Continue reading

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My Little Essay at NPM Daily

I’m very happy to have participated in Sarah Blake’s National Poetry Month Poet-a-Day project, in which the poets have a chance to sound off about whatever occupies their minds–once! My post is just up today…

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New Publication

Hello everyone! I’d like to announce another publication. Foliate Oak Literary Magazine has published my short story “Sacrifice,” which you can read here: Thanks all! Jenn

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AWP Proposals

Quick reminder that the deadline for AWP proposals is May 1.

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