Listen Party!

Attention poets and poetic writers. A friend of mine has a very cool, very free, online audio journal of poetry called “Listen Party”. Check it by clicking on this blog post title. I love the idea of bringing poetry to life and am hoping to come up with something to submit. You should too! Here are the submission guidelines for the current issue.


It was like he couldn’t change without a witness. There was no one there to see. No witnesses to speak of. Without a witness, who would believe it had happened? Without a witness, how could I even be sure? I was brought in and told to say what I saw. At some point I stopped being myself. Even if I didn’t have the language to understand what was happening I would be tied to this event for ever. It had nothing to do with me and yet I was to be irrevocably changed from it. They would feel a need to trivialize this role by giving it a name. They would call me the Witness.

Listen Party wants your recorded submissions with the theme of “WITNESS” for its fifth issue.

Guidelines for Submission

Listen Party welcomes any type of audio recording tied to the theme of each issue. Send us your recorded stories, poetry, songs, sounds, dialogues, monologues, rants, background noise, phone calls, voicemail, sound bites, collages, found sound, experimental works, correspondence, or any other items of interest that can be captured via sound waves.

We accept multiple submissions for the same theme.

We prefer mp3 files at the highest bit rate possible, but we’ll pretty much take whatever sound file you’ve got, so long as we can find a way to play it. If accepted, we may ask you for a higher quality format, if you have it.

Please attach your audio file in an e-mail or send a streaming audio link to submissions (at) listenparty (dot) com.

If you cannot record your submission and live in the New York City area please send your written submission as text pasted into an e-mail and include how you where you wish to have it recorded. Upon notification of acceptance we will make plans to meet and record in your specified location.

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