Thesis Binders – Amazon

For those of you in Thesis semester who have not yet secured your required two (2) binders, I see that Amazon offers the same binders to which the MFA Web Page links you:

The Amazon price is substantively better, you receive them from the same company and you do not have to purchase a quantity of six (6) as the MFA page link seems to compel.

I ordered three (3)today (1 inch–because my poetry collection will only require about 75 pages total) and the price “out-the-door-shipped” was only $59.xx.

jus’ sayin’



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3 Responses to Thesis Binders – Amazon

  1. Pro VK says:

    if you click on the title of my post–it takes you to the Amazon offerings.

  2. MJ says:

    Hey Vin – why did you get 3, and not just 2?

  3. Pro VK says:

    Well, two for the programand one for me.cheersvk

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