Writing Opportunity with hamlethub.com

Folks, I have been in touch with Ken Ducey from hamlethub.com. He is very interested in WestConn MFA students who might be interested in internships or simply in writing stories for hamlethub in your area. As we have discussed many times, you never know what such work will lead to or turn into. So if this interests you, I strongly urge you to look into it. Some text from Ken below with more info…


HamletHub.com is a very exciting startup which could be a great opportunity for Westconn students to learn more about citizen journalism and the new media industry.

We are currently growing from 11 towns in CT, and are seeking writers and reporters who can assist us in providing local news to the residents of various communities. The site currently covers many aspects of a town’s life that are not reported or under-reported by the local or national newspapers. This site has shown to have a strong impact on towns by providing information that is simply not readily available.

One example is politics. The Governor is proposing a number of new initiatives regarding education. How does that affect the residents of Danbury? Does it have a different effect if you live in New Fairfield?

Another area is simple recreational and charity events. Do you know all the parks that are open to the public in Danbury? How about the charity for dogs event this Friday? By providing a place for people to enter this information, and to read it, we can make communities better.

We are looking for people who would like to better understand new media, especially on a local level, to help us with this endeavor. Please have anyone interested call us at (203)431-6400, or email editors@hamlethub.com.

Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions.


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  1. Thanks Brian Looks interesting, though I am concerned about a lack of time to commit right now. I am considering learning more to possibly get involved after the semester wraps up.

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