On-Campus Workshops

Question for those of you who live close enough to come to campus for workshops this semester:

We’re planning to do several workshops this semester, and I’d like to know when you all would prefer to have them?

Tuesday evening?
Wednesday evening?
Friday evening?
Saturday afternoon?
Saturday evening?

Comment here to express your preference. If there is little or no response, then I will assume there is no need for us to hold the workshops at all.


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9 Responses to On-Campus Workshops

  1. Saturday afternoon or evening, or Wednesday, maybe…weekends are generally better with work.

  2. Saturday is fine, afternoon preferred. My mentors insist I write seven days a week but I'll sneak out for a person to person with my fellow writing peeps.

  3. Sara Lewis says:

    Mondays and Fridays are good for me. But I'll try to make it work anytime. The on-campus workshops have been great in the past.

  4. I could get to a Friday evening workshop easiest.

  5. Phylis J says:

    Tuesday evening. Friday or Saturday would only work at night–after 7.

  6. Alexis says:

    Tue or Wed are best because my drive would be shortest, but I could make weekends work too if I REALLY wanted to go to the workshop.

  7. Brian Thiem says:

    I would be interested, and I can normally make any of those times.

  8. debra says:

    Weekend afternoons are better for me.

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