Interns Wanted (And We’ll Pay, Too)

Hi folks,

The company I work for, Access Intelligence, is hiring an editorial intern for a group of publications, including my own (find it at It’s a paid(!) internship, and is located in Norwalk, CT. We’re looking for someone who’s serious about journalism, but enjoys a casual work atmosphere and a team environment.

We like: aggression, helpfulness, thorough fact checking and manners. A tough combo to find, but a great opportunity for someone who possesses all of the above. If you’d like to learn more about the internship, click on the link provided, or reach out to me at

Happy New Year, and thanks. Hope everyone enjoys the res this week.

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One Response to Interns Wanted (And We’ll Pay, Too)

  1. Ian_from_CT says:

    Hi, I sent you my resume!

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