Poet on Campus, December 2

Poet Christine Boyka Kluge will read from her work in Haas 508 (Midtown Campus) on December 2 at 5:30.

Writing majors and students in the MFA program are also invited to join the WRT519 Topics in Creative Writing: Flash Fiction and Prose Poetry course following the reading for a discussion with Ms. Kluge. RSVP clementsb@wcsu.edu

from “Giving Away Bones”

I stood at the corner giving away my bones. My ribs went to the little girl who needed a cage for her ferret. My toe bones went to a gambler to replace his unlucky dice. My spine went home coiled around the neck of a snake charmer. As I plucked out each one, I felt delightfully emptier, translucent as breath. I simply stepped out of my ivory closet.
The only piece I had trouble leaving was my skull. It stared at me with cavernous sockets like twin black wells.

Christine Boyka Kluge is the author of three books of prose poems: Stirring the Mirror, Teaching Bones to Fly, and Domestic Weather. Her work has appeared in numerous anthologies. She is also a visual artist and she has collaborated on multimedia work. She lives in the Hudson Valley.


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