Call for Submissions

Hello everyone – As you may know, one of my entrepreneurial ventures is called Press Pause NowTM, a unique retreat, workshop, and coaching program whose purpose is to help successful women rethink, refocus, and reenergize their lives.

I am pleased to announce that Press Pause Now will be publishing an anthology, tentatively scheduled for early 2010. This inspirational and motivational collection of nonfiction essays and articles will focus on stories about women and their “press pause moments,” those points of transition when they have decided to take a different path, pursue a passion, or go after a goal or dream.

Deadline for submissions is midnight, September 25, 2009. For more information and complete submission guidelines please visit The Press Pause Now Anthology Project.
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1 Response to Call for Submissions

  1. dirtywater22 says:

    I think some of my blog postings might fit the bill. Thanks for posting:)

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