Widow Maker Books

I was talking to a few students about their reading lists, and let’s face it – we all love books, but I got the feeling we all have a few widow maker books, (books that are vast and may create a void in your life where people say – whatever happen to (insert your name here)…) on our lists and I was wondering if anyone had any good ones to share. I have Cloudsplitter by Russell Banks which I am really enjoying and although it is massive — it is very endearing. I know someone had Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina and someone had Don Quixote. Anyone else have tombs to read? Are they reading well? I read Anna Karenina a few years back and I really enjoyed it – but I had all the time in the world. And if Oprah’s book club can read it then so can we. Let me know how the books are weighing in.

Ron —

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