Campus Events

Folks–a couple of events of note coming up. In March/April, we’re working on a workshop or two related to Writing the Body. More details forthcoming–just want you to have your antennae up for that one and hope you will attend.

In the nearer future, I hope you will consider attending this event on Dec. 5:

Monday, December 5, 11 a.m.
Westside Campus Center Ballroom

Welcome Remarks
Dr. John B. Clark, President, Western Connecticut State University
Mark Ojakian, President, Connecticut State Colleges & Universities

Daryle Dennis, Moderator, WCSU Interim Chief Diversity Officer

Chief Roger Connor, WCSU Police Department
Chief Patrick Ridenhour, Danbury Police Department
Chief Douglas Fuchs, Redding Police Department/Chairman State Panel on Police Stops/WCSU Justice & Law Administration Adjunct Professor
Trooper 1st Class Kelly Grant, Public Information Officer, Connecticut State Police

Student Representatives:
Christopher A. Ferreira, WCSU Latin American Student Organization
Lamar V. Smith, WCSU Black Student Union

Question & Answer Session with students, staff and community members.

Closing Remarks
Dr. Missy Alexander, WCSU Provost & V.P. for Academic Affairs

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Friday Afternoon Residency Workshop

Dan Pope will be offering a fiction workshop (details TBD) in the slot that was originally scheduled for Snyder. Room in that workshop is LIMITED, so get your request in soon if you want a seat. So far, I have received a grand total of 6 workshop requests. Get ’em in!

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Faculty Travel Money

Dear MFA Mentors,

Just a friendly reminder that the university (the faculty union, actually) will provide you up to $750 to travel to AWP (or any other conference). If you are thinking of going to AWP (and I encourage it!), you should download the travel request form from the university web site and submit it to the office of the Dean of Arts & Sciences. I recommend submitting it at least a month in advance (AWP is Feb. 8-11).


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End of Semester Grades

Faculty, please submit your final grades in Banner between 12/18 (which is the official last day of the semester) and 12/21.

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Snyder Workshop Replacement

Folks, unfortunately Don has had to cancel his residency appearance due to production work in Northern Ireland on his film. I will be posting an update in the next couple of days regarding a replacement workshop.

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12 Storytelling Podcasts That You Need To Be Listening To

12 Podcasts – BUZZFEED

12 Storytelling Podcasts That You Need To Be Listening To

Storytelling iswhat’s the word?HARD. Use these world-renowned podcasts to learn the art from the masters. Great stories start with a shot of Jose Cuervo, so make the night memorable and Have A Story to tell tomorrow.

1. The Moth

The Moth

Maria LIlja / Via Flickr: mldshoots

WHY YOU SHOULD LISTEN: Weekly short stories on a variety of topics, the Moth podcast features enchanting tales from the best storytellers of our generation.

RECOMMENDED STORY: The Moth, “The Small Town Prisoner

2. StoryCorps


Omar Omar / Via Flickr: omaromar

WHY YOU SHOULD LISTEN: StoryCorps has made it their mission to capture every story on the planet with the hopes of restoring a culture of listening. They have met with nearly 90,000 people and have archived over 45,000 interviews! Holy Moly.

RECOMMENDED STORY: StoryCorps, “Episode 334: How I Got Over

3. This American Life

This American Life

LindsayDubs / Via Flickr: chicagoldubs

WHY YOU SHOULD LISTEN: This American Life is an engaging and thought-provoking program which chops a weekly theme into several powerful stories. Also: Ira Glass is delightful.

RECOMMENDED STORY: This American Life, “Episode 203: Recordings For Someone

4. Other People with Brad Listi

Other People with Brad Listi

Sebastiaan ter Burg / Via Flickr: thenewinstitute

WHY YOU SHOULD LISTEN: The perfect way to get the story behind your stories. Twice a week, host Brad Listi interviews today’s best authors and puts a voice behind the books. If you feel like you should be reading more, but you don’t feel like reading either, this is PERFECT.

RECOMMENDED STORY: Other People with Brad Listi, “Episode 191 – Elliot Holt

5. Risk!


derekGavey / Via Flickr: derekgavey

WHY YOU SHOULD LISTEN: It’s a podcast that’s filled with BOLD STORIES FROM BOLD PEOPLE. Kevin Allison hosts this uncensored show that’s filled with hilarious comedic guests who tell the stories they never wanted to tell.


6. True Story

True Story

cogdogblog / Via Flickr: cogdog

WHY YOU SHOULD LISTEN: It’s like being at a party without all the awkward small talk! True Story features regular people telling short stories at themed parties in undisclosed locations. The storytellers are not professionals and the audience is mic’d up, so the whole thing has a very authentic vibe to it.

RECOMMENDED STORY: True Story, “Rock-N-Roll Almost Killed Me

7. Snap Judgement

Snap Judgement

publicradioexchange / Via Flickr: prx

WHY YOU SHOULD LISTEN: If you’re more of a “music” person than a “listening to other people” person, this is the podcast for you! Every week, Glynn Washington offers exhilarating stories with a subtle musical backdrop.

RECOMMENDED STORY: Snap Judgement, “Spooked III

8. Porchlight Storytelling Series

Porchlight Storytelling Series

porschelinn / Via Flickr: porsche-linn

WHY YOU SHOULD LISTEN: This podcast has a very casual vibe to it because the co-hosts, Arline Klatte and Beth Lisick, are an absolute joy. Each week, they pick a theme and invite six people to tell a 10-minute story without any notes or memorization. Good people telling good stories, what more could you want?

RECOMMENDED STORY: Porchlight Storytelling Series, “It’s Not You: Stories about Heartache, Heartbreak and Break-Ups

9. Stanford Storytelling Project

Stanford Storytelling Project

Robert Scoble / Via Flickr: scobleizer

WHY YOU SHOULD LISTEN: It’s a very well-produced radio podcast featuring handpicked stories from the students of Stanford University. Great presentation with a hint of college enthusiasm. WOO SPRING BREAAAAAAK!

RECOMMENDED STORY: Stanford Storytelling Project, “Ep 313: Trial and Error

10. Love + Radio

Love + Radio

ines saraiva / Via Flickr: inessaraiva

WHY YOU SHOULD LISTEN: This BLEEPING radio show is BLEEPING amazing. In the same vein as This American Life, it’s masterfully produced and captures incredible stories. Love + Radio showcases bizarre situations without tiptoeing around explicit content.


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Auto Crit – Editing software

Has anyone tried this? Reviews?

Auto Crit


Image Map

AutoCrit Tools Inforgraphic

♦   Self-edit your manuscript

♦   Strengthen your skills as a writer

♦   Write creatively and  publish confidently

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