Article published on The Atlantic site

This piece started out as a class assignment for OMG earlier this semester, and became timely and relevant after the Germanwings crash. On the advice of our professor (Brian C.) I submitted it around, and today’s it is up on Health page of The Atlantic. I’m stunned; and thankful for the input my OMG classmates and MFA friends who’ve helped me navigate this process!

Karen Veazey

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Karen Romano Young…

,…MFA mentor, will appear on campus Tuesday the 21st at 6 pm in Higgins Annex 204 during my Writing in Hybrid Genres course to talk about her writing/doodling process and about her most recent book, Stuck in the Middle. MFA folks are welcome to come, listen in, ask questions, say hello to Karen, etc.

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AWP Proposals

If you are thinking of proposing a panel for AWP 2016 in LA, think faster! Proposals are due May 1.

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Just Got A Book Contract!

Hi Everybody,

Got an email from a book publisher today with a contract attached while on the 16th hole of my town’s golf course. I almost screamed, but that wouldn’t have gone over very well. It’s a historical romance that I played around with during my MFA 2012-2014. I’m still pinching myself and don’t know what to do at the moment except to tell you MFA thesis people to keep plugging away at your work. Will let you know more information soon.

Jeannette Ronson

P.S. For those of you who know me, you’re probably thinking, “Jeannette wrote a romance novel. Nah, can’t be true.” Well, rest assured that the heroine does punch a few people in the face in this romance.

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Mentor Requests, Courses, and Residency Attendance

Folks, the header says it all. Please email me and let me know

a) how many and which courses you will take in the fall

b) who you would like to request as mentors for those courses (first semester students–sorry, but you don’t have requesting privileges yet; thesis students, please ask your thesis advisors whether they are available to work with you before you send me their names!)

c) whether or not you will be attending the August residency

Please send me all of this info no later than 4/15.

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Hey Poets!

The Georgia Review is excited to announce the third annual Loraine Williams Poetry Prize–$1,000 and publication in The Georgia Review for a single poem, originally written in English and never before published either in print or online. The submission period is 1 April 2015–15 May 2015, with the winning poem to be announced on 15 August 2015 and published in the Spring 2016 issue. Poems may be submitted online or by post.

For more information, visit our website:

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…to Melissa Gordon, who has received permission from the estate of the great poet John Berryman to view Berryman’s journals, papers, and unpublished fragments at the University of Minnesota while Melissa is in Minneapolis for AWP.

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