Part-Time Work in Danbury Area

Michael Grabell has shared this announcement from a non-profit in Danbury; they clearly need someone who can write! This position lines up especially well for some of you who have worked on Poor Yorick, for reasons you will see below…

It has been an unbelievable five years for Matthew’s Hearts of Hope!  We have grown by leaps and bounds and our impact is changing lives.  But as an all volunteer organization this growth creates the need for infrastructure to ensure that we are doing everything we need to be doing to meet the needs of our mission, donors and those we serve.

Matthew’s Hearts of Hope is now looking for an administrative assistant that is a a self-starter with strong administrative skills to take our organization to the next level of success.  Qualified candidates will possess strong organizational, written and oral communication skills and the ability to coordinate people and tasks efficiently and effectively.   Must be proficient in Word, Excel, PowerPoint email, and Social Media applications such as Mail Chimp and Facebook.  Up to 8 – 10 hours a week with a regular schedule however with very flexible hours and the potential for more hours during busier months.  Must be able to multi-task and be able to create processes from the ground up.

If you or someone you know is interested in this position, please send your resume with qualifications and 2 references to or call 860-957-7085.

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Publishing opportunity for young poets

The Hopper, a literary magazine from Green Writers Press, is seeking submissions for its inaugural 2016 poetry contest. The Hopper Prize for Young Poets celebrates young poets with an identified interest in the natural world and whose work explores how humans are a congeries of such. The winning poetry manuscript will be published by Green Writers Press as a chapbook in the summer of 2016. The winning poet will also receive $500.00 in prize money and special publication in the annual print edition of The Hopper, due out in April 2016. For more information, please visit
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Managing Editor Position

The Gettysburg Review, a fine and long-established literary journal, is looking for a new Managing Editor:


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MFA Graduate Teaches Abroad

MFA Alumnus Rebecca Simas shares her experience teaching in a small island off of Japan.

Check it out here!


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Work For Hire follow-up

Hi all,


Students at the residency may remember my afternoon talk on writing works made for hire. Remember when I mentioned writing a piece of short fiction, “The Ladder Trick”, featuring Alexander the Great, for the Canadian TV show Animism? Just as an example of how little influence or power one has over a piece made for hire, I discovered yesterday that an anthology of Animism stories, The Book the Emissaries, was released on Kindle last week.

Not only did I not receive any notice that the book came out, neither did the credited anthologist Emily C. Skaftun, whom you might also note is not even listed as a contributor on She found out when I and some other contributors saw the new entry on our Amazon author pages and contacted her.

It was still $250.00 for only a thousand words, and the editor was pretty smart at helping me nail the ending, but that’s WFH life!

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Hello everyone!

It’s been awhile and I wanted to touch base, say hello. I’ve been busy. I took a solo cross country trip in May/June 2015 and found the love of my life in September. But as for writing, I’ve gotten a couple publications and I’m a finalist in a short story contest with Scribes Valley Publishing. I’ll let you know if I win, but regardless, I am in the anthology as a finalist. I’m working on a book right now, which I plan on finishing in time to pitch to agents in August of this year at the Writer’s Digest Conference in NYC. This will be my third completed novel–the first two were duds–so I think three times a charm. (Pardon the clichés.) No one knows what my book is about and I want to keep it that way until it’s finished so it doesn’t lose its power. I was in a lull for a bit there but I’m back and I’m more productive than ever. I removed all the bad in my life and that lets in all the good energy. I updated my website if you’d like to check it out: I’ve been really into photography too. Cheers!

Jenn Powers

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Syllabus Due Date: January 21

Folks, I have received about half of your syllabi. If you did not hear from me today with either a question or approval, then I have not received your syllabus from you mentor(s). Please remind them!

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