Winter Residency Schedule

Greetings, MFA Community!

I am so thrilled to share the schedule for our 2018 winter residency! Hannah and I are working on the program, which will contain more details on the residency offerings and presenters. In the meantime, please review the schedule and take some time to explore our visiting writers’ work online.

As you’ll see, I’m trying out a few new things, including a couple of lunch discussions/Q&A sessions.

As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions or thoughts.

Thanks so much, and have a wonderful holiday.

2018 Winter Residency Schedule_revised.

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5 TED Talks – Life Lessons From Writers

My Favorite – Lidia Yuknavitch (Chronology of Water) on “The Beauty of Being A Misfit.”

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How White Writers Can Avoid Appropriation

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Fiction Contests Worth Your Time

December and January deadlines.

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So To Speak

From the Editor

We are a literary journal that seeks submissions from diverse perspectives and backgrounds that focus on intersectional feminism.We look for work that addresses issues of significance to women and non binary folks’ lives and movements for gender equality and are especially interested in pieces that explore issues of race, class, and sexuality in relation to gender. The journal is committed to representing the work of writers and artists from diverse perspectives and experiences and does not discriminate on the basis of race, class, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, culture of origin, political affiliation, disability, marital or premarital status, Vietnam-era status, or similar characteristics.


We look for poetry, nonfiction, fiction, and visual arts with an intersectional feminist angle.


Currently, our journal’s blog seeks submissions in response to #metoo. We’re accepting poetry, essays, fiction, and visual arts from all narratives and perspectives surrounding the trending hashtag and/or sexual harassment and assault in general. Deadline for this call is November 13th.
We also open for our contest period from December 1st until February 2nd.

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Literary Bohemian

From the Editor

The Literary Bohemian is the final destination for first-class, travel-inspired writing that transports the reader, non-stop, to Elsewhere. We are only interested in pieces that move us. Cannongate Books, UK describes us like this (from their website:) Words & wanderlust is indeed the perfect strapline for The Literary Bohemian , the hippest online destination for travel-inspired poetry, “postcard” prose and snappy reviews. Updated with (almost) monthly issues, the site is bursting with intriguing content and boasts design to die for with retro luggage labels, compasses and yellowing airmail paper all making an appearance. Not content with their literary offerings, the team of witty curators behind The Literary Bohemian have also added a facility for sharing photos of those unintentionally humorous signs we all seem to encounter on our travels. And then there’s the lodging facility for writers-on-the-move, offering ideas of author-friendly accommodation in cities all over the world. With all this and more on offer The Literary Bohemian is proving that armchair travel is totally last-century. Now it’s all about getting online, on board and on the way to Elsewhere, as the site’s team so charmingly (no irony here, sorry*) put it.


poetry (three to five poems, no more than 100 lines each) postcard prose (up to two pieces, no more than 300 words each) travelogue (one piece up to 1200 words) -Please refrain from using the following words: amazing, ancient, beautiful, charming, fabulous, lovely, magical, rich, romantic, timeless or undiscovered unless you are being ironic. Literary Bohemians are more impressed with where you’ve been than where you’ve published. Include a short bio that includes publishing history (limit: five literary magazines, journals or books) and/or places you’ve recently visited with your submission. We might have to edit your bio for length, and we will only list Pushcart prizes you’ve won. A good bio: I have had works published in You’ll Poke Your Eye Out, No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service, and The Fast and Not-So-Furious. An Australian by birth, my travel credentials include escaping injuries while running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, and sled dog racing in Alaska. I’ve also been to most of the contiguous United States. I hope you enjoy the chocolate cake, which I enclose, forthwith.

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Postcard Poem & Prose

Who are we: Postcard Poems and Prose Imagine a painter, photographer, novelist, and poet all running willy-nilly and meeting full-speed. That collision is Postcard Poems and Prose . We want you to find prose, poems, and art all in a 4×6 postcard format. We want you to be able to stand and look at that revolving wire rack that’s in every tourist trap on earth. We want you see it from your laptop or handheld device. Just like the postcards of yesteryear we want you to be able to share that experience with friends. We want it to be quirky and personal. And we want it to be great. Postcard Poems and Prose is an online zine that accepts and publishes 10-12 pieces each month. Editor in Chief: Dave Morehouse Assistant


What are we looking for in a submission? Handwritten, machine typed, computer printed, calligraphy, pencil, pen, block printed, scrawled with a fine point sharpie, photo, digital creation?all these and more are acceptable. We are looking for unique and personal. It also needs to be readable as a JPEG file. You may have the skill to engrave the Bible on the head of a pin but that doesn?t always translate well to a computer flat-screen or smart phone. Is it cleverly written? Poetry, short prose, an odd invitation or announcement, what have you? We lean toward poetry and flash fiction but will consider anything that is well crafted. We are seeking cleverness in a unique format. Think in terms of 4-16 line poems or up to 190 words of prose. Is it unique or graphically interesting? Send something we haven?t seen. We confess a complete lack of ability to draw or paint. Heck, we can?t even color inside the lines. That means we?re suckers for that stuff. Crayon, sharpie, acrylic, oil, decoupage, quilts, rag rugs, birds, flowers or anything you can stuff into a JPEG. What if my art doesn?t have a literature component? Art submissions need a literature component. Period. That said, fiction and poetry aren?t the only ways to connect the two. Perhaps you have a unique or clever description of the process involved with your art. Perhaps you want to fully describe the inspiration for your work. As long as it?s quirky, clever, or unique we will consider it.

Upcoming events or contests

B Fiction Contest June is National Flash Fiction Day in the U.K. and many places around the globe. To commemorate this auspicious day, Postcard Poems and Prose will sponsor a flash fiction contest based on the theme “Backward”. Since this is our second fiction contest and the deadline is June 22, the winning author will receive an Amazon gift card valued at $26.22 in US dollars. (2 & 6/22 We like to be different.) We will publish three winning entries in July. Only one entry will receive the gift card though?we are starving authors too. As before, the gift card recipient will be chosen from the three winning entries by a staff game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

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