Reading for “Borrowed Structures” Workshop

Just a reminder to everyone who is taking my Borrowed Structures workshop on Tuesday, August 5: It’s ESSENTIAL that you carefully read the short story “Anubis” by Paul Murray in advance of the workshop. Shouldn’t take you more than an hour or so to read. I believe you’ve all received this story by email; if anyone still needs it please email me at

Thanks everyone, I look forward to seeing you bright and early on the morning of Tuesday, August 5!

Tim Weed



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Residency Schedule Change

Folks, I am sorry to report that, due to unforeseen circumstances, Elizabeth Cohen will not be able to join us for the residency. This change means that Nick Mamatas’s workshop will be the lone event on the morning of Monday, August 4. It promises to be an excellent workshop, so I encourage all of you to attend it. However, if you feel that workshop does not address your fields of interest, you may either take that morning off or contact me about the possibility of arranging another event that morning for those who were planning to attend the Cohen workshop. A revised schedule should be posted to the MFA web site by tomorrow.

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Medical Writing Workshop


If you signed up for the Medical Writing Workshop on Sunday morning, August 3 and have not received links to the readings, send your email address to me at and I’ll  get those to you. 

See all soon,


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Literary New England Radio Show

Hi everyone,

It was a special pleasure to chat recently with Literary New England Radio Show host Cindy Wolfe Boynton about my new YA novel, Will Poole’s Island. We discussed the genesis of the book, some of the historical research that went into it, the extent to which the protagonist is an autobiographical figure, and my version of the 21st century writing life. Cindy asked good questions, and I read a brief excerpt from Chapter Four of the book. All in all, a very worthwhile and enjoyable conversation!

The show, which also features distinguished New England authors Deborah Harkness, Erika Johansen, and Courtney Maum, aired on Monday, July 14, 2014. It’s available as a podcast for you to download and hear at your own leisure by clicking here. My portion of the interview begins at minute 38:50. Toward the end I managed to work in a little plug for WCSU MFA. Enjoy!

Read more about Will Poole’s Island here.

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Fall Registration

Folks, if you have not yet registered, please do so at your earliest convenience. The Dean’s office likes to see those seats filled before they process teaching contracts. If you have been admitted the program in the last two weeks or so, you will not be able to register until I have emailed you your course assignments, which I should be able to do no later than tomorrow.

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Agent Meetings

Folks, there are still agent meetings available for the residency, but if you want one of them you need to sign up for it ASAP. Email me!

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Fall Graduate Assistantships

Folks, if you are interested in a Fall Graduate Assistantship and have not yet applied, please apply immediately and let me know when you have submitted your application to Grad Studies. The interview process has already begun.

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