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Call for Submissions!!


Thin Air literary magazine is currently open for submissions until December 15, 2014. Our magazine is run by graduate students of Northern Arizona University’s MFA program and publishes rolling submissions online and an annual print magazine.

We are proud to be printing our 21st issue of the magazine, and since it finally reached that milestone, we thought we’d take out to celebrate. We hope that you’ll join us by submitting your very best fiction, non-fiction, poetry and/or visual art for publication.

Check us out at for submission guidelines and tips from our editors about what they are looking for. I think I can sum it up to say that we want your most creative, most inventive, most passionate work. Other than that, word counts, past issues for sale, and other literary content can all be found online or on our Facebook page.

We hope you’ll join the proud tradition of Northern Arizona’s literature scene and make Thin Air part of your library and family.

Happy writing and prosperous submitting to you all!


Kama Shockey


Thin Air Magazine

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WCSU Writing Department/AWP Intro Journals Project

Folks, it’s time for the annual AWP Intro Journals Project again. We are accepting submissions for the WCSU stage. Based on past number of submissions, everyone who enters has VERY good odds of being selected, especially in the creative nonfiction category. Please do submit something. Guidelines:

The Intro Journals Project is a literary competition for the discovery and publication of the best new work by students currently enrolled in AWP member programs. Student work selected as winners at WCSU will be entered into the AWP competition at the national level. Winning entries at the national level will appear in the fall or winter issues of one of these excellent literary journals: Hayden’s Ferry Review, Mid-American Review, Colorado Review, Puerto del Sol, Quarterly West, Tampa Review, Iron Horse Literary Review, or Artful Dodge.

The Writing Department will select one work of fiction, one work of creative nonfiction, and three poems as WCSU winners to be entered into the national competition.

Eligibility Requirements

The project is open to all WCSU students, both undergraduate and graduate.


  • Submissions must be received—whether in hard copy or electronically—no later than noon on Friday, October 31.
  • Hard copy submissions can be dropped off at the MFA Writing office (Higgins 205 E-G) or mailed to MFA Writing, WCSU, 181 White St., Danbury, CT 06810. If no one is in the office, you may slip your entry under the door. Electronic submissions can be emailed to
  • Each submission must have two title pages as follows: the first must include the title, author’s name, permanent address, and phone number; the second must include the title only. If you are submitting more than one piece, each piece must have both cover pages. This rule applies both to hard copy and to electronic submissions. Multiple pieces submitted electronically must be in separate Word or .pdf files.
  • The author’s name must not appear on the manuscript except on the first title page.
  • Translations are acceptable, but it is the translator’s responsibility to secure publication rights.
  • Submitted work must be unpublished and may not be under consideration elsewhere for the duration of the contest.
  • Excerpts from novels are acceptable but must not exceed twenty-five pages. Nonfiction manuscripts may not exceed twenty-five pages as well.
  • Prose must be double-spaced and typed or printed on a letter-quality printer. Poetry only may be single-spaced.
  • WCSU winners will be announced in November. National winners will be contacted in the spring of 2015. Each winner at the national level will receive an award letter, publication in a participating journal, and a $100 honorarium.
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Free First Crime Fiction Novel Contest

St. Martin’s Minotaur offers a number of free contests. Here’s one for first crime fiction novels in any subgenre:

The others are for specific subgenres and may be of interest to some of you. For example, the Malice Domestic/Minotaur contest is for traditional mysteries.

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Dive In

sharks-beeing-sharks-1050x749Writing mentor Ron Samul’s article Sharks Just Being Sharks is appearing in Dive.In Magazine. The article is about the interaction between sharks and humans. Ron has spent the last twenty years as a technical scuba diver, writer, and educator. He is a certified dive master, and has logged over 500 dives on shipwrecks in New England. He is working on a series of articles based on how and why technical divers push to the brink of death. Ron will be a regular contributor to Dive.In. His diving ambitions in the future include diving among Giant Bluefin Tuna, mixing it up with New England sharks, and understanding the physical and mental  dynamics of apnea (breath hold) diving.

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Sarabande Books Open Submission Month

The pretty good independent publisher Sarabande Books has an open submission period for writers without agents this month. Check out their list before submitting; they do literary fiction, essays, and poetry.

The one downside is the submission fee of fifteen dollars, but in the literary world that is a very low fee for real* book publication.

Try it, and maybe you’ll have a book!

*Real book publication means that one can walk into a well-stocked Barnes & Noble or thoughtful independent bookstore and find at least two or three copies of books by the publisher there—even if not every book by the publisher is in stock.

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Possible Remote Residency

Hello, all (and by all I mean students and alumni),

I need your feedback on the idea of a potential remote residency in Northern Ireland. This residency would be an optional third residency, possibly in June, that could replace your attendance at an August or January residency, or could simply be an additional residency experience for you (and a trip to Ulster!). The residency would be open to students and alumni, as well as WCSU alumni from outside the MFA program and perhaps to the public as well. There would be a flat fee, amount TBD, and you would be responsible for your travel. Also TBD is whether we would have group accommodations on or off campus in NI or whether you would be responsible for that as well. Structure would be similar to that of our normal residencies, though likely with more free time mixed in for enjoying the host region. 

I need to get a sense of how many people in the program (and among alumni) would see this as a viable possibility. If only a few people are interested, we need go no further. Please respond here or email me at

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Kate Meadows Interviews Daniel Asa Rose

Hey all!

Read MFA graduate Kate Meadows’ interview with mentor Daniel Asa Rose. 

You can read more about Daniel Asa Rose and his work here.

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