…to all of our newly admitted MFA community members for Spring 2015!

Carolyn Bernier, Camellia Mukherjee, Justin O’Donnell, Anthony Range, and Tunde Sogunro

We look forward to seeing you in January!

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…to MFA grad Angela Macala(-Guajardo), who is the new Sports Writer for the Eastern Arizona Courier!

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Poor Yorick Staffing

Hi All,

In order to ensure the continued forward movement and success of Poor Yorick, we are working on filling the staffing roles for the future.

Editor. I will be editor through May 2015, and we would like to have someone take on the role for Fall 2015- Spring 2016 (Summer 2015 will be a transition period). Essentially, the person taking over as Editor would become Managing Editor in January so they could start experiencing all of the pieces. Please let me know if you have questions about what this position entails. Please note it is a 20-hour paid GA position. If you are interested in interviewing for the role, please email both Brian Clements and I.

Web Editor. Cara will be the Web Editor through May 2015. We would like someone to come on as a “trainee” in January. This person will take over for Cara when she graduates in the spring and would ideally stay in the position through May 2016 (1 year). The Web Editor manages content that goes online for the publications and the blog. They need to be trained in WordPress and must know some basic image editing techniques in Photoshop or the equivalent in photo editing software, and should have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS, but can be trained in those things. Works with the webmaster on structural changes, and assists with proofreading and implementing changes to the design of the website in collaboration with the Editor. There is the possibility for the Web Editor to simultaneously serve as GA in the MFA Office, which is a 10-hour paid position. Please contact both Brian Clements and I if you are interested in this position.

Social Media Editor. Brian Lance will be in this position through May 2015. We would like someone to come on as a “trainee” in January. This person will take over for Brian at the end of the spring semester and would ideally stay in the position through May 2016 (1 year). The Social Media Editor oversees Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Google+. They assist in marketing of the journal (i.e. creating materials for conferences, managing emails lists). The Social Media Editor also assists in managing the blog content. Please contact both Brian Clements and I if you are interested in this role.

Of course, any questions about any of these roles or time frames, just shoot me an email, and feel free to talk to any of the staff about task specifics as well.

Thanks all! Melissa :)

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My Short Story “Vanna White” is a Finalist

Hey everyone,

My short story, “Vanna White,” is a finalist on mashstories.com. Please feel free to check it out and vote (by clicking on the green vote button above my story’s title): http://mashstories.com/competition/current-shortlist/.

Also, the Mash Team was nice enough to link the Housatonic Book Awards in my bio. We’re getting some exposure, Brian! http://mashstories.com/author/ivette-arce/.



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January Residency Assignment

Folks, as you may recall, the winners of the inaugural Housatonic Book Awards (run collaboratively by the MFA Alumni Writers Cooperative and the MFA program) will appear at our residencies to conduct readings and master classes. The winners of the Fiction and Poetry awards will appear at the January residency.

I would like to ask that those of you who will be attending the January residency read these books in advance of the residency so that you will have a good sense of each author’s work and to support the award series. We want to show our guests that we value their work!

The Fiction winner is Jennifer Dubois for Cartwheel, and the poetry winner is Gail Martin for Begin Empty-Handed. Please visit your library or favorite bookseller and read these books prior to January!

The Nonfiction winner (Mardi Jo Link for Bootstrapper) and YA/Middle Grades winner (A. B. Westrick for Brotherhood) will appear at the August 2015 residency.

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Spring Semester

Dear Returning Students:

I am in the beginning stages of assigning mentors for spring courses, so I need your faculty requests ASAP. Please let me know which particular courses you intend to register, and which faculty mentor you prefer for each course. It’s a good idea to send me second and third choices, in case some faculty are not available. Those of you who will be in Thesis semester in the spring need to speak directly to your desired thesis mentors to gauge their interest in advising your thesis before you send me your request.

Even if you don’t have faculty requests, please let me know exactly how many and which course you intend to register. The deadline for faculty requests is Nov. 2. If I haven’t received requests for you by then, I will assign faculty to you on the 3rd. Thesis students must choose their own thesis advisors; I do not assign them.

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Dear Incoming and First-Semester Students,

Please disregard any communications you may be receiving from the Registrar, Graduate Studies, or the Writing Dept.  regarding registration. The MFA program handles registration separately in its own procedure; so you need not do anything until I provide you with sections and registration instructions several weeks from now.

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